Virtual Assistants Can Save Entrepreneurs Time and Money

A professional virtual assistant, or VA, can offer all of the benefits of a traditional administrative assistant,
without the need to provide a "space" for him/her. Most VAs offer a wide range of services to pick and choose from;
ranging from the basic, such as telephone answering; to the more advanced, such as web hosting and meeting room hire.
In this way, how you benefit from a virtual office is entirely up to you and the sky is literally the limit.

Who does this benefit?

Virtual offices can benefit a wide range of users. This ranges from an e-based entrepreneur working from home seeking a
professional image to an international concern looking for a short-term solution to increase global business.

Not sure if you need a VA?

If you are a solopreneur or entrepreneur the only sensible solution to growth is to add to your staff. Yet, you may
have a lot of reasons that prevent you from hiring an "on-site" assistant, even if you need one. Wouldn't it be great
if you had an assistant that was always there for you, when you need them? Meet the virtual assistant, a new concept
that provides great solutions for small businesses and helps to give your new endeavor the manpower it needs

Salaried workers are much more of an immediate expense. You must provide a workspace, computers, supplies, and, you
also have federal and state tax obligations. Don't forget about benefits -- sick leave, vacation time, holidays. Did you
know the true cost of an "on-site" assistant is possibly double the cost of their yearly salary in terms of benefits and
liabilities? Not to mention the "personality issue" of sharing physical office space with someone whom you are probably
with more than your family! If it is not a "perfect fit" it can be a strain.

Today's virtual assistants are used to getting along with a wide variety of personalities due to the global nature of
their businesses. We have a "built in" office manager hat that we wear which enables us to handle many difficult