Plan, Prepare and Persist When Starting a Business

There are a lot of factors to consider when starting a business. Primary among these are the three "P"s -- Plan,
Prepare and Persist.


After you have selected some ideas from your brainstorming to base your business around, create a plan of attack. List
what you'll need before your business starts. What will your ongoing expenses be? Factors include rent, utilities,
permits, licensing, legal fees, inventory, staff, design, marketing collateral, mailing lists, software, advertising
and more. Get as much as you can out on paper and set deadlines to get things accomplished. This will allow you to
evaluate your pace.


Once you have a plan, carry it out. Preparing to start a business can be a lot of work. Tasks include getting an
identity designed, creating business cards, brochures, web sites and other marketing material, consulting with CPA's,
lawyers, and HR professionals, in some cases finding and renting or buying a storefront or office, furnishing the
business space, getting utilities in place, receiving and organizing inventory, getting a database for your customers
and leads and any number of other tasks. By running a home business, some of these steps will already be taken care of,
yet opening a business of any kind can be an enormous task. While planning your business make sure to leave plenty of
time to get up and running. Better to plan your setup time too long than too short and finding yourself running out of


This is the most important step of running a business. Without persistence, you won't even be able to finish your
business plan. Hang on like a pit bull. When the going gets tough, get tougher. Have worst case scenario plans to fall
back on, as well as best case scenario plans.

Some businesses become overnight successes, while other take year to develop. If you plan, prepare and persist, you've
got a very good chance of making it.