Is Your Teen a Budding Entrepreneur?

Are you hoping you've got your own Bill Gates in the making in your home? As a parent you can probably tell pretty
easily whether or not the entrepreneurial spirit is evident in your child. Some kids make it very obvious that the
regular nine-to-five will not be a part of their future. For others, you might need to investigate a bit further to see.

Ask these simple questions about your teen to see if your teen has the entrepreneurial spirit. If your answer is "yes"
to one or more, you probably do. 

1. Does he ask what he can do to earn more allowance? Is he willing to take on jobs around the house instead of
hanging out at the mall with her pals? Does he do his chores and work with vigor and excellence?

2. Did she have the best lemonade stand on the block? Did she go the extra mile to make sure that her stand was
profitable and her product and service brought back customers over and over again?

3. Does he value flexibility and independence more than the "sure thing" of an hourly job? Does he make comments
about wanting something "more" than just flipping burgers or selling t-shirts?

4. Does she work well on her own? In her free time is she thinking of other ways to make money or start a business?
When you give her a job or chore around the house does she jump in and do it quickly and efficiently?

5. Is he a self-learner? Does he spend time researching and reading for her schoolwork and outside of that? Does he
enjoy finding out more about how to use the computer to his advantage? 

If, indeed, you do have a young entrepreneur budding in your midst, you might want to start him/her off now in a 
business of their own even now, before the college bills start piling up! It will serve her/him well now and in the future!