Clothing Company Startup Basics

Ever wanted to start your own clothing company? It's not as difficult as you think. What do you absolutely need? 

1. A decent logo
2. Creative concepts and graphics - design talent
3. A unique, blank apparel supplier
4. A decent screen printer
5. A line sheet to show potential buyers
6. Sales and promotional talent

Which do you think is most important? Its obviously design talent you say? Are you joking? You must be joking. Have you
stepped out of the house recently? Have you seen Von Dutch clothing? Crayon weilding chimpanzes produce better designs.
Furthermore, I imagine the monkeys are more sanitary, but I digress. 

#6 is clearly the most important element. You can create an entire line of fashion forward, beautiful clothing but if
you can't pitch it -- no one will ever see it (excluding your mom of course). So, unless you want a closet full of your
fantastic designs, ask yourself the following two questions: 

Can I sell? - In other words.... can I hit the pavement with my line sheet and walk into every boutique clothing store
I can find? Then will I harass the hell out of retail clothing store buyers so that they'll try to squeeze 5 minutes of
time in for me at a clothing convention? Will I be able to make a professional presentation to a Nordstroms buyer? 

Can I promote? - Do I have and creative viral or gureilla marketing ideas to get this label kickstarted? 

If the answer to both of these questions is "No" -- you better get some help. Namely, find someone passionate for
fashion who also happens to be ridiculously outgoing, great on the phone and aggressive as hell. Lastly, (and
superficially) it would help if your sales rep is hot. ;)

I know, how horrible.... so sorry, buy I didn't say anything about this being an equal opportunity business. 

That being said, let me welcome you the shallow end of the pool.... i.e. the fashion world.