Building a Successful Concession Business

Beginning a mobile food concession business is a very challenging but possibly rewarding business. It is not just a
simple undertaking to be taken lightly. There are several things that need to be researched and done in order to truly
begin a concession business in the right and legal way. There are licensing issues, decisions about food choice and
location and equipment you are going to have to make. These are just a few of the many decisions and regulations you
must make and be aware of to start a business like this one.

One of the first things you will need to research to run a concession business correctly and legally is to find out the
regulations of your city, county, and state governments. These regulations include health standards, location standards,
and other standards that you will need to be aware of if you do not want to receive a citation, fine, or even be shut
down. All of these things can happen if you do not research the local laws concerning your business. As is appropriate
with any type of business, research everything before you make an investment talk to other people in the same field
that you want to be in. Try to learn everything you can in order to be fully informed about the decision you are about
to make.

Some states have regulations regarding how many feet you must be away from the highway where you set up. Many states
have fees you must pay in order to be properly licensed. Most states have health inspections to make sure everything is
up to code for service to the public. All of these requirements and more will be things you may encounter. Never assume
it is simple.

Another thing you are going to encounter is deciding what type of food you are going to sell. Are you going to sell
prepackaged food that you don't have to cook or are you going to prepare everything by hand on a grill. Whichever of
these you choose, it can also make the difference between what type of license you must acquire. Also, are you going to
choose something unique or go with a standard that has already proven successful? Whatever you choose, this is something
you must think about in depth.

Location is also something you will come upon when opening a concession business. This is one of the most important
things to consider because if you are in the improper location, it may be difficult to attract customers. This is the
one of the biggest keys to making money.

Equipment is another thing you must decide on. Are you going to purchase a hotdog cart in order to make a smaller
investment, or are you going to choose to purchase a concession trailer, which is a considerably larger investment? 

Determining these decisions all go together. Location and equipment are partly decided by what type of food you choose
to prepare. Food and location are also decided partly by what equipment you can afford. Each and every decision you
make affects another decision after it. Knowing what you are going to encounter is an important reason for researching.